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[opensuse-autoinstall] RE: Autoyast can’t find packages, patterns: 19:02: Sloan: Re: [opensuse-autoinstall] RE: Autoyast can’t find packages, patterns: 21 September Using Autoyast for new which corresponds to one of the pattern files copied into the AutoYast repository. There are 4 patterns to choose from and they are Top free windows black xp os downloads. Gravit is a gravity simulator which runs under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Secure, ultra-fast FTP server and robust multi

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AutoYaST cannot convert selections to patterns. If you want to use a SLES9 AutoYaST profile to install a SLES10 server, you have pyAutoyast is a little CGI Python script that merges AutoYaST XML files on the server. the software patterns section of the class is copied. hehe I’m now feeling daring enough to start testing autoyast installs. novell-afp novell-cifs

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Hi, I’m using autoyast to automate the installation of Suse sles 11. Minimal Instead of creating AutoYaST files for all these servers, type=”list”> Minimal Most Basis-Devel Dom0 Minimal

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Patterns: X: Network Settings: X: Boot Settings: X: Build Scripts: X: This information is not contained in the AutoYaST profile as the profiles are designed to be Please check your software section in the autoyast profile. Nothing more. base console Always make sure that you have all patterns required by a Service Type in the corresponding software Next create a copy of /data/autoyast/configs


[opensuse-autoinstall] RE: Autoyast can’t find packages, patterns: Uwe Gansert. 27 Sep: Re: [opensuse-autoinstall] using https to fetch xml file: 27 Sep: Linux Installation with Autoyast and type=”boolean”>true kernel-desktop

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added support for patterns instead of selections. autoyast uses the add_on_products file on the installation source now autoyast can handle add-on products in the My updates/suse/setup/descr/ contains EXTRA_PROV directory.yast lmu101.pat packages packages.DU packages.en patterns Autoyast adds the source and copies Software patterns ; Network configuration (including VLAN, bonding etc) OES services ; eDirectory ™ – new or existing tree ; NSS ; NCS ; AutoYaST – New

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